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I've been doing a lot of geocaching over the past few years. You don't know what it is? Here's a link to the Geocaching.com website. Geocaching is a "treasure-hunt" game, where you use a GPS receiver (or a smartphone) to locate caches. They can be hidden anywhere in the world.

Here are some stats showing the numbers of different types of geocaches that I've found. There are also badges that you can earn for various achievements.

My main interest are "puzzle caches" where you have to solve a puzzle in order to find the geocache. Here are some stats showing the puzzles I've found. I've set a few puzzles too.


Challenge caches are a type of geocache that have become quite popular over the last few years. For these you have to meet various conditions before you can collect the physical geocache. Types of challenge include Resuscitators and Explorers.

Challenges - All of the challenges that I've completed.

Uncollected - Those I've completed but not yet collected.

Unfinished - Some challenges that I haven't yet finished

QTF Challenge - One of the challenges that I've set

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