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Resuscitator Challenges

A Resuscitator Challenge requires you to find a cache that hasn't been found by anybody within the past year. You (usually) can't use a cache that you've already used to qualify for another resuscitator challenge.

Here are the Resuscitator challenges that I've found:

Resuscitator Challenge Resuscitated cache Found by me Previously found
Unknown Cache GC2HD75 Surrey Resuscitator - Challenge Cache GC18034 More puzzles where I tell you exactly what to do 3 2-Nov-2010 29-Oct-2009 by Magpie0
Unknown Cache GC5M6VP The Lonely Cache Revived Challenge GC2TJ79 Composing by Numbers #1 10-Sep-2012 20-Jul-2011 by clarkester
Unknown Cache GC47NVE BUCKS RESUSCITATOR - CHALLENGE CACHE Unknown Cache GC2HQ62 Look to the skies 3-Nov-2012 31-Oct-2011 by croquetmike
Unknown Cache GC2Y2ZV Northants Resuscitator Challenge Cache Unknown Cache GCVC29 ’X’ Marks The Spot II – Nanny’s Revenge 6-Apr-2013 7-Dec-2011 by asuma99
Unknown Cache GC2FPDY Resuscitator - Challenge Cache Unknown Cache GC31RN6 100 27-Apr-2013 14-Sep-2011 by Haiselden family


Here are some other caches that I've resuscitated

Cache Found by me Previously found
Traditional Cache GC1JQG7 An interstitial cache: Icehouse Wood 8-May-2013 16-Apr-2012 by warrenhill
Unknown Cache GC26NG6 Metamagical Themas #3 - Another Carton 5-Jul-2013 24-Jan-2012 by Calligmathy
Unknown Cache GC29PDZ Industrial heritage 5-Jul-2013 5-Feb-2012 by RubyShoos
Unknown Cache GC38JPN N 7-Dec-2014 18-July-2013 by ReeceyRascals
Unknown Cache GC3PMQQ School Days Puzzles #10: 1,2,3 22-Dec-2014 10-Dec-2013 by gullands
Unknown Cache GC3HAXV School Days Puzzles #5: William V 22-Dec-2014 10-Dec-2013 by gullands
Unknown Cache GC3RX2E GC Code 7-Dec-2015 25-Oct-2014 by RichieCactus
Unknown Cache GC3EZE1 School Days Puzzles #3: A, B, C, D. 7-Dec-2015 27-Mar-2014 by andreceolho
Unknown Cache GCY839 Two Hans 3: Keeping Grandad Happy 23-Apr-2016 12-Oct-2014 by 2ndEast
Unknown Cache GC4W5TT This is Not a Love Song 23-Sep-2016 30-Jul-2015 by Orlando's Rat
Unknown Cache GCJ55E Highclere Binary Cache 8-Jul-2017 26-May-2016 by CacheyMcCacheFace
Unknown Cache GC3YKNY The bats have left the belltower 31-Jul-2017 14-May-2016 by stoneysjl


I could use them for these Resuscitator challenges that I haven't found yet

Unknown Cache GC4AZ1Q Resuscitator Challenge
Unknown Cache GC4AZKG Challenge Cache: Resuscitate! Resuscitate!
Unknown Cache GC4PBBR Essex Resuscitator - Challenge Cache
Unknown Cache GC4WQPG Resuscitator challenge cache (Hampshire)
Unknown Cache GC5JZ4E Middlesex Resuscitator Challenge cache
Unknown Cache GC5QT2R Wiltshire Resuscitator - Challenge Cache


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