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GC5MJ96 Unknown cacheWeekly Food Shopping Challenge

Find 30 caches with different food items in their names (5 must be fruit and veg).

Here is my list (I've included a few extra in case some are challenged):

  Food item   Cache Found
1. Apple Traditional Cache GC3WDZX Newton's Apple 31-Jul-2015
2. Orange Unknown Cache GC5NQQA #2 Orange Rainbow Puzzle 16-May-2015
3. Cauliflower Unknown Cache GC1D3J6 Cauliflower 25-Jul-2010
4. Tomato Unknown Cache GC2G19K Nobody expects... De mad square tomato 15-Nov-2010
5. Beans Unknown Cache GC2NCN7 Abstain from beans 28-May-2011
6. Pepper Unknown Cache GC545AX TC#11 - Sgt.Pepper's Satisfaction 17-Feb-2015
7. Date Unknown Cache GC3C0H5 8-) The Lesser Date Challenge 12-Feb-2012
8. Fig Multi-cache GC320CE FIG 3 28-Sep-2014
9. Nuts Unknown Cache GCYGQA Caution May Contain Nuts 23-Aug-2010
10. Almonds Unknown Cache GC1KWPH Hunky Chunky Almonds 05-Jun-2015
11. Tea Unknown Cache GC2X4VY M Z 1: The Game Keeper's Tea Break 02-Aug-2014
12. Coffee Unknown Cache GC3661C . Coffee in the Kitchen 25-May-2013
13. Punch Unknown Cache GC2W6TC The Devil's Punch Bowl 01-Jul-2011
14. Scrumpy Unknown Cache GC31T28 Scrumpy 24-Apr-2012
15. Beer Unknown Cache GC2TB22 Mmm... Beer! 29-Sep-2011
16. London Pride Unknown Cache GC1RGKF London Pride 19-Oct-2012
17. White Russian Unknown Cache GC5GP5N I'll have a White Russian please 04-Aug-2015
18. Goose Event Cache GC4V5Y5 International Geocaching Day Goose Green Flash-Mob 18-Aug-2012
19. Turkey Multi-cache GC1KGGB Cold Turkey 23-Jul-2009
20. Duck Traditional Cache GC2G852 Mucky Duck Micro 10-Oct-2010
21. Pheasants Traditional Cache GC4V5Y5 Ockham Pheasants 10-Oct-2010
22. Ham Unknown Cache GC18NMM The Dog's Dinner - Chicken or Ham? 04-Sep-2013
23. Fish Unknown Cache GC4AJA6 Big Fish #30 17-Feb-2015
24. Hot Dog Unknown Cache GC3QK1M Hot Dog 10-Aug-2015
25. Cheese Unknown Cache GC2FBM9 Cheese, Gromit? 20-Mar-2013
26. Egg Unknown Cache GC31DZ8 Blue Egg 08-Mar-2013
27. Hovis Unknown Cache GC4Y5MR Hovis 10-Aug-2015
28. Lollipop Unknown Cache GC3FC0C Ear Fuzz Lollipop 06-Apr-2012
29. Tarts Unknown Cache GC395H5 ...and Tarts 14-Dec-2011
30. Christmas Pudding Unknown Cache GC38P27 Christmas Pudding 02-Apr-2015
31. Seaside Rock Earth Cache GC1M17G Seaside Rock should be stripy! (Hunstanton Cliffs) 27-Aug-2010
32. Pie Unknown Cache GC3N6MZ APT #2 - Easy as Pie 29-Mar-2013
33. Pork Chop Traditional Cache GC2T2R4 1 Hampshire Butcher's Round Pork Chop 13-Apr-2011
34. Yoghurt Traditional Cache GC29G6Y 8 Hampshire Milk Round (Yoghurt) 01-Jun-2010


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Last revised: August 21, 2016.