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GC5M4PK Unknown cacheAn Obnoxious Challenge (UK)

Find 7 caches satisfying the following rules:

  - they must start with a different letter from the word OBNOXIOUS (so the letter "O" can be used three times),
  - they must represent 7 different cache types (icons),
  - they must be hidden in 7 different years,
  - they must be found on 7 different days of the week,
  - they must be hidden by 7 different cache owners,
  - they must be found in 7 different counties.

Here are my qualifying caches:

    Cache Found Day of week Year County Owner
O Earth Cache GC285PA Ostra antigua 16-Oct-2014 Thursday 2010 Greater London Loony Londo
B Letterbox Hybrid GC54T83 But? 02-Aug-2014 Saturday 2014 Hampshire Fay, R+R
N -
O Traditional Cache GCHGP6 Overlooking his manors (Bucks) 19-Aug-2013 Monday 2004 Buckinghamshire Dan & Pid
X Multi-cache GC5P11J X - Xmas Pie (Christmas Pie) - Surrey A-Z 01-Apr-2015 Wednesday 2015 Surrey Surrey Cachers
I Virtual Cache GC3660 Inbound from Proxima (Kent) 30-Sep-2016 Friday 2002 Kent Lazy Leopard
O -
U Event Cache GC3E5W3 UC Flash Mob on April fools day 01-Apr-2012 Sunday 2012 Berkshire bazzer1975
S Unknown Cache GC34G9Y Smiley face Puzzles #1 17-Feb-2015 Tuesday 2011 East Sussex nognod


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Last revised: March 27, 2017.