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GC4WZBH Unknown cacheThe Beatles Challenge Cache

Find 20 caches that have different Beatles related words in their titles. You cannot use the same cache twice or more than one cache from a series.

The allowed words are:

Abbey, Apple, Baby, Band, Beatles, Casbah, Cavern, Club, Diamonds, Drive, Eleanor, Fab, Fields,

Friends, George, Glass, Goodbye, Guitar, Hamburg, Hello, Help, John, Jude, Kite, Lady, Liverpool,

Lonely, Love, Lucy, Magical, Mania, Michelle, Mother, Music, Mustard, Mystery, Nowhere, Onion,

Paperback, Paul, Penny, People, Pepper, Please, Quarry, Revolver, Revolution, Ride, Ringo, Rubber,

Sergeant, Sky, Something, Soul, Strawberry, Studio, Submarine, Taxman, Ticket, Together,

Tomorrow, Tour, Walrus, Woman, Yellow, Yesterday

Here are my qualifying caches (I actually have 23):

  Cache Found
Beatles GC6F12 London - Beatles Abbey Road 12-Jul-2013
Band Unknown Cache GC21GEZ Berkshire School Days 2: Band On The Run 7-Sep-2010
Club Unknown Cache GC3EFVC Join The Club 17-Mar-2012
Friends Unknown Cache GC1BJBE Thomas and Geocaching Friends Geocoin Engine Shed 18-May-2011
George Unknown Cache GC12A4V The Dragonlady's St George's Day Cache 22-Dec-2011
Goodbye Unknown Cache GC22BAA "Goodbye my Sarah Jane" 26-May-2011
Hello Unknown Cache GC283Q7 Hello! 8-May-2010
John Multi-cache GC1PDD0 Farnham Ramble Rally #18 – John Steinbeck 30-Oct-2011
Lady Unknown Cache GC4VWBH #8: Lady Friday – The Keys to the Kingdom 4-Jan-2014
Love Unknown Cache GC2EGWK Songs Of Love 16-Sep-2010
Magical Unknown Cache GC45JXD Sue's Magical Mystery Tour- Second Stop 18-Aug-2013
Music Unknown Cache GC1EH6N Angel Of Music 20-Jun-2009
Mystery Unknown Cache GC1K3E8 Decoding the Easter Island Mystery 26-Jul-2011
Nowhere Unknown Cache GCXEHR Muddle and Go Nowhere 27-Aug-2010
Paul Traditional Cache GC18GJE Church Micro 90...Dorking St. Pauls 15-Oct-2009
People Traditional Cache GC36NYF 7 billion people 30-Oct-2011
Please Unknown Cache GC1HGHK Quiet Please! 23-May-2010
Quarry GC13MAH Kirtlington Quarry 22-Jul-2012
Ride Unknown Cache GC49F9P Five Guys Ride Again 11-Apr-2013
Sky Unknown Cache GC2M09E Reach for the Sky 8-Jul-2012
Something GC3P05Y Geolympix 2012 CITO - Giving something back 22-Jul-2012
Tour Unknown Cache GC2TB99 R&N Mystery Tour #10 - A Hole in One 28-Oct-2013
Yellow Unknown Cache GC3JADCYellow 08 - Sussex Olympic Rings 1-Aug-2012


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Last revised: August 23, 2016.