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GC4VRFN Unknown cacheAll About a Challenge # 8 - Eight Counties

Find 1-8 specific icons in 8 different counties.

Here are my qualifying caches:

County   Cache Found
Oxfordshire Cache In Trash Out Event GC3P05Y Geolympix 2012 CITO - Giving something back 22-Jul-2012
Kent Wherigo Cache GC53KQA The Farmer's Conundrum 04-May-2014
Kent Wherigo Cache GC5T58K Count to Five (HHCIB) 02-May-2015
North Yorkshire Virtual Cache GC4762 The Stonegate Devil 31-Jul-2015
North Yorkshire Virtual Cache GCAFE6 Holes in the Wall (N Yorks) 31-Jul-2015
North Yorkshire Virtual Cache GC6633 Alternate Title #1 (North Yorkshire) 31-Jul-2015
Hampshire Event Cache GC2C5EQ The Twentieth Monthly Hampshire Cachers Meet 11-Aug-2010
Hampshire Event Cache GC2Y32C Hampshire Monthly Midweek Cache Event #31 13-Jul-2011
Hampshire Event Cache GC452NM An Esscafe 10 Year Anniversary Event 23-Feb-2013
Hampshire Event Cache GC4T033 Hampshire Monthly Mid-Week Meet #61 08-Jan-2014
Wiltshire EarthCache GC1ANET The riddle of the stones 25-Oct-2010
Wiltshire EarthCache GCQV4Y Lockeridge Dene Earthcache 01-Apr-2014
Wiltshire EarthCache GC2EB0E Cherhill and the White Horse 01-Apr-2014
Wiltshire EarthCache GC16PVH Box Quarry (Cotswold Stone), Wiltshire 01-Apr-2014
Wiltshire EarthCache GC4RM5T Box Rock Circus 01-Apr-2014
Berkshire Letterbox Hybrid GC1N4NQ Get my Drift 13-Sep-2009
Berkshire Letterbox Hybrid GC26KJN BBC8 (Letterbox - Offset Cache) 05-Apr-2012
Berkshire Letterbox Hybrid GC391WJ BBC14 (Letterbox - Offset Cache) 05-Apr-2012
Berkshire Letterbox Hybrid GC26KKF BBC20 (Letterbox - Offset Cache) 06-Apr-2012
Berkshire Letterbox Hybrid GC391X8 BBC21 (Letterbox - Offset Cache) 06-Apr-2012
Berkshire Letterbox Hybrid GC26KKX BBC26 (Letterbox - Series Bonus) 06-Apr-2012
West Sussex Multi-Cache GC1XWVT Church Micro 861...Didling 18-Aug-2012
West Sussex Multi-Cache GC2K9GX A Winter Wonderland 15-Dec-2012
West Sussex Multi-Cache GC3DM35 The Queens Avenue 15-Dec-2012
West Sussex Multi-Cache GC3VM6Q Church Micro 2252....Midhurst Catholic 13-Apr-2013
West Sussex Multi-Cache GC3X8YT Up You Go! 01-Jun-2013
West Sussex Multi-Cache GC453VR Church Micro 1416...Woolbeding 30-May-2015
West Sussex Multi-Cache GC44VEZ Church Micro 1108...Midhurst 19-Jul-2015
Buckinghamshire Unknown Cache GC232TH Charlotte 30-Oct-2010
Buckinghamshire Unknown Cache GC232VD Olivia 27-Nov-2010
Buckinghamshire Unknown Cache GC2ZQ9B "Bijou" plays with SMS encryption 11-Jul-2011
Buckinghamshire Unknown Cache GC3CZKR Challenge cache - Do You Know Other Cachers 26-Feb-2012
Buckinghamshire Unknown Cache GC3MH9E End of the Line 07-Jun-2012
Buckinghamshire Unknown Cache GC41V9Q The Geocaching Robotic Arm 09-Feb-2013
Buckinghamshire Unknown Cache GC42NGP Distinguished Residents of Buckinghamshire #1 09-Feb-2013
Buckinghamshire Unknown Cache GC42PRV Distinguished Residents of Buckinghamshire #2 09-Feb-2013


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