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GC4JJNP Unknown cache BS75 1500 Favourites Points Gold Challenge

Find five caches with a total of over 1500 favourite points.

These are my qualifying caches (which have a total of 1516 favourite points):

Favourites Cache Found
349 Virtual Cache GCA68D Stonehenge 25-Oct-2010
326 Webcam Cache GC6F12 London - Beatles Abbey Road 12-Jul-2013
319 Virtual Cache GC45CC Ye Ole Survey Monuments 28-Jan-2012
268 Virtual Cache GC4E4B 16th Century Pub (Central London) 24-Oct-2013
254 Unknown Cache GC4C35 Cuckoo Cache (could be anywhere) 22-Jul-2012

This also satifies the requirements for:

GC4JJ78 Unknown cache BS73 1000 Favourite Points Bronze Challenge
GC4FY28 Unknown cache BS74 1250 Favourites Points Silver Challenge

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Last revised: August 23, 2016.