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GC4A9BW Unknown cache Church Micro Challenge Cache...When I go to Church

Find church micro caches on seven consecutive days. Within this streak there must be four different icons.

Here are my qualifying caches:

Cache Found
Multi-cache GC2R26F Church Micro 1723...Chilworth-Franciscan Friary 22 Apr 2013
Multi-cache GC17D3F Church Micro 14...Ranmore 23 Apr 2013
Traditional Cache GC186T1 Church Micro 55...Effingham 24 Apr 2013
Unknown Cache GC182BA Church Micro 59...Dark Ghost Prowl 25 Apr 2013
Multi-cache GC2R06Z Church Micro 1713...Ash 26 Apr 2013
Letterbox Hybrid GC37G1Y Church Micro 1554... Trotton 27 Apr 2013
Traditional Cache GC2CKMC Church Micro #1097... Wrecclesham - St Peter's 28 Apr 2013


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Last revised: August 24, 2016.