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GC47B7C Unknown cacheIt's All About The Numbers Challenge

Find 40 caches with all-numeric GC codes.

There is a GSAK macro that you can use to check for this. Here are my qualifying caches:

Code Name
GC171 View from Coombe Hill
GC2613 History Cache : 1497?
GC2713 One Foot in The Downs (Hampshire)
GC3525 SP4
GC3527 SP5
GC3742 SP9
GC4201 St Etheldreda's (Central London)
GC5547 Roman Coins
GC6912 Hellfire's Globe (Bucks)
GC9112 Gilbert's Cache
GC13026 Lyrics and Monologues
GC15874 Brassed Off
GC17977 Church Micro 11...Mickleham
GC18031 More puzzles where I tell you exactly what to do 2
GC18034 More puzzles where I tell you exactly what to do 3
GC18036 More puzzles where I tell you exactly what to do 4
GC19097 Look Weak - F&W’s Puzzle Cache Circuit 1:5
GC22500 Censored
GC24569 Earth, Air, Fire and Water
GC24881 Farnham Ramble Extended #7 – Moor Park Letterbox
GC27794 Katies Quest
GC29275 Yin and Yang
GC32000 Geolympix Banbury Cross Webcam-Flash Flash-Mob
GC32493 Church Micro 2045 - Priors Dean - Chapel of Dene
GC32633 Elementary my dear. What's on ?
GC34474 C & S walk - Mr S.Birch
GC35438 Church Micro Challenge
GC36810 Brookwood Hospital - Knaphill History Lesson #2
GC36896 The Challenge Cache Challenge : Gold
GC36983 Headley Stroll #1
GC36989 Headley Stroll #2
GC38443 C & S Walk - Seed Cuckoo
GC40932 The Gates of Hell - Unlucky Dip.........
GC41963 F
GC43320 Dog Teaser
GC43938 Church Micro 4970 Park Barn
GC44500 Planets: Jupiter
GC48905 Prime Suspect
GC49030 Twelve
GC50639 Sandvika's Half a Telemessage Celebratory Event
Total: 40

Copyright Colin Backhurst.
Last revised: August 23, 2016.