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GC46HWC Church Micro: Resurrection Challenge cache

Find five Church Micros that have been "resurrected" (relisted with the same Church Micro number but a different GC code). Here's a link with a list of the archived church micros.

These are my qualifying caches:

  Archived cache   Resurrected cache Found
Traditional Cache GC1VR01 Church Micro 786: All Saints, Steep Multi-cache GC25WF1 Church Micro 786: All Saints, Steep (Version 2) 18 Aug 2012
Multi-cache GC258P7 Church Micro 1065....Liss Multi-cache GC44RX0 Church Micro 1065...Liss 3 Feb 2013
Multi-cache GC25908 Church Micro 1067....West Liss Multi-cache GC44RX5 Church Micro 1067...West Liss 3 Feb 2013
Unknown Cache GC2MNN5 Church Micro 1554...Trotton Letterbox Hybrid GC37G1Y Church Micro 1554... Trotton 27 Apr 2013
Traditional Cache GC17ZPC Church Micro 53...Pyrford Multi-cache GC1CA8J Church Micro 53...Pyrford Relaunched 4 Jun 2013


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Last revised: August 22, 2016.