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GC436WJ Unknown cache Tribulation & Topography Challenge : Unknown

Find unknown caches covering each of the nine different ratings 1* to 5*. You can use either difficulty or terrain star ratings or a combination of the two.

These are my qualifying caches:

    Cache Found
D=1.0 Unknown Cache GC1Y6RF I Have a Cunning Plan! 7 Sep 2009
D=1.5 Unknown Cache GC2P124 20th February #2 20 Feb 2011
D=2.0 Unknown Cache GC1HFQ7 Downtown Hollywood 9 Jun 2009
D=2.5 Unknown Cache GC2AV5A Ke Nako 14 Jul 2010
D=3.0 Unknown Cache GC28QR6 The Pewley Brothers 23 May 2010
D=3.5 Unknown Cache GC2C24P Canaan 3 Oct 2010
D=4.0 Unknown Cache GC1EETA Julius 27 Sep 2009
D=4.5 Unknown Cache GC2429E Killer #4: Hung, Drawn and Quartered 20 Feb 2010
D=5.0 Unknown Cache GCTGBY Dorking by Pictures: Go West Young Man 25 Oct 2009


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