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GC3MN1V Unknown cacheCapaciousness: An Assiduous Cacher Challenge

Find six of the seven cache sizes in a day.

Here are my qualifying caches:

Size   Cache Found
Micro Multi-Cache GC3YFJ9 Church Micro 3059...The Sands 19-Jul-2015
Not chosen Earthcache GC2TQ4H Devil's Jumps Earthcache 19-Jul-2015
Other Traditional GC5RVYH Ammunition Box (NJT's 50 #18) 19-Jul-2015
Regular Unknown Cache GC36TAT 200 Star Challenge 19-Jul-2015
Small Unknown Cache GC34XMN Guessing Game 19-Jul-2015
Large Traditional GC2JTH1 Hammerfield! 19-Jul-2015


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Last revised: August 21, 2016.