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GC3DM37 Unknown cacheSix Icon Challenge - West Sussex

Find six caches in one day. They must be 6 different icons, 6 different sizes, and hidden in 6 different months.

Here are my qualifying caches:

  Size Month Cache Found
Unknown Cache Micro Aug GC4KC8D blank? (Reprise) 30-May-2015
Multi-Cache Small Jan GC453VR Church Micro 1416...Woolbeding 30-May-2015
Letterbox Hybrid Regular Sep GC3W2T5 Post Box Letter Box 2, Queens Corner 30-May-2015
Traditional Large Feb GC241W7 A272 TravelBug and Geocoin Hotel 30-May-2015
Earthcache Not chosen Nov GC389H6 Church Micro 2291...East Dean Chapel 30-May-2015
Virtual Cache Virtual Mar GCED7C Sweet Fanny Adams 30-May-2015


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Last revised: August 22, 2016.