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GC3C0H5 Unknown cache8-) The Lesser Date Challenge

Find a puzzle for all weekly days of a date, and find this cache on that date too.

These are my qualifying caches (I found this cache on 12th Feb 2012 so these are all for the 12th of a month too):

Monday Unknown CacheGC32633 Elementary My Dear - Whats On (found 12 Dec 2011)
Tuesday Unknown CacheGC22X6Z Its Owl Numbers To Me (found 12 Jul 2011)
Wednesday Unknown CacheGC1GAM1 Oh Come On, Play Fair (found 12 Oct 2011)
Thursday Unknown CacheGC3744K Tick Tick Boom (found 12 Jan 2012)
Friday Unknown CacheGC31PPE Painkillers (found 12 Aug 2011)
Saturday Unknown CacheGC2N61G Famous Surrey Residents #2 (found 12 Feb 2011)
Sunday Unknown CacheGC39Y6X Famous Surrey Residents #4 (found 12 Feb 2012)


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Last revised: August 22, 2016.