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GC2PQMM Unknown cache1.0 Terrain Challenge

Find caches with level 1.0 terrain at all nine difficulty levels

These are my qualifying caches:

D=1.0 Unknown cacheGC2G2Y4 It has moved! (found 10 Oct 2010)
D=1.5 Unknown cacheGC2BYJF Dr Who (found 3 Aug 2010)
D=2.0 Unknown cacheGC1HYW3 Spanners (found 25 Sep 2010)
D=2.5 Unknown cacheGC1V1HG Mole's SOS - Lest We Forget (Tonbridge) (found 11 Sep 2010)
D=3.0 Unknown cacheGC2CGCA It's Only a Game (found 25 Sep 2010)
D=3.5 Unknown cacheGC20YQR Goodness Gracious Me! (found 23 Nov 2010)
D=4.0 Unknown cacheGCW5NR Dorking's 3Ws: Westcott Micro cache (found 27 Feb 2010)
D=4.5 Unknown cacheGC1JW3Z First Majors (found 8 Oct 2011)
D=5.0 Traditional CacheGCKRNY Mission Impossible #3 of 3: Wooden Structure (found 31 Aug 2009)


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Last revised: August 22, 2016.