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GC1K9PZ Unknown cache Surrey Icon Challenge

Find 6 different cache types in the same day.

These are my qualifying caches:

Multi-cache GC1PNN7 Church Micro 487...Guildford Holy Trinity (found 13 Sep 2009)
Letterbox Hybrid GC1N4NQ Get my Drift (found 13 Sep 2009)
Unknown Cache GC1D7F3 Hooked on Caching (UK) (found 13 Sep 2009)
Earthcache GC1X3ET Devils Punchbowl (found 13 Sep 2009)
Traditional Cache GC11H5C Defence of the Realm #1 (found 13 Sep 2009)
Virtual Cache GC2613 History Cache :1497? (found 13 Sep 2009)


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Last revised: August 25, 2016.