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GC5JPV1 Unknown cacheNon-traditional Cache... Challenge Cache

In a week find 10 unknown, multi, letterbox or earth caches. Must include one of each.

Here are my qualifying caches:

Cache type   Cache Found
Earth cache Earthcache GC13MAH Kirtlington Quarry 22-Jul-2012
Unknown Unknown Cache GC3D6J8 The Leap Year Club 22-Jul-2012
Unknown Unknown Cache GC1EJMD Bench Mark Flush Bracket 11035 22-Jul-2012
Letterbox Hybrid Letterbox Hybrid GC2HTN6 HurRAY, let's LOGG it!! 22-Jul-2012
Multi Multi-Cache GC2TEHX The 39 Steps 22-Jul-2012
Unknown Unknown Cache GC2QJTR 'Word Riddle' 23-Jul-2012
Unknown Unknown Cache GC1PXJT Sussex Cipher 23-Jul-2012
Unknown Unknown Cache GC1EDV1 Ursa Minor 23-Jul-2012
Unknown Unknown Cache GC3CVP1 Back to the Beginning Challenge 23-Jul-2012
Unknown Unknown Cache GC3FEJV _A_A_A_A_ - Famous Berkshire Resident? 24-Jul-2012
Unknown Unknown Cache GC32R5D A 25-Jul-2012
Unknown Unknown Cache GC3R26D Believe it or not (#1) 27-Jul-2012
Multi Multi-Cache GC2PQQJ Church Micro 1683...Dorking-Christian Science 28-Jul-2012


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