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GC5H1C9 Unknown cachePlethora of Choice : A church micro challenge

Find 5 church micros on the same day. They must have the same town in their name, and can't all be traditionals.

Here are my qualifying caches:

  Cache Found
Multi-Cache GC4XBG9 Church Micro 4927...Ashford - St Hilda 30-May-2016
Multi-Cache GC4X03E Church Micro 4926...Ashford - Congregational 30-May-2016
Multi-Cache GC4XK6Q Church Micro 4928...Ashford - St Michael 30-May-2016
Multi-Cache GC503JA Church Micro 4929...Ashford - Methodist 30-May-2016
Unknown Cache GC3AG53 Church Micro 2364...Ashford-St. Matthew's 30-May-2016


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Last revised: August 21, 2016.