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GC5EHWC Unknown cache20-20 Challenge Cache

Find 20 challenge caches by 20 different owners.
Find 20 Wherigo, Virtual or Earth caches (all of one type) by 20 different owners.

Here are my 20 qualifying Challenge caches:

    Cache Found Owner
1. Unknown Cache GC1K9PZ Surrey Icon Challenge 11-Oct-2009 purple pineapple
2. Unknown Cache GC2HD75 Surrey Resuscitator - Challenge Cache 3-Nov-2010 BaSHful
3. Unknown Cache GC1QBQN Gridlocked - Capital Style 9-Apr-2011 MaxKim
4. Unknown Cache GC33DDP QR Challenge 6-Sep-2011 ===sgb
5. Unknown Cache GC2M2WY The Calendar Challenge 8-Oct-2011 Top rope ian
6. Unknown Cache GC31VWM The Macho-man Challenge 22-Oct-2011 SuperDred
7. Unknown Cache GC364R9 The Challenge Cache Challenge : Brass 28-Oct-2011 Kitey
8. Unknown Cache GC37D1C TonyDev's Christmas Challenge 31-Dec-2011 TonyDev
9. Unknown Cache GC3CZKR Challenge cache - Do You Know Other Cachers 26-Feb-2012 metal-bijou
10. Unknown Cache GC38FK4 #8 Wizardario's Challenge - !@#$%^&*()? 6-May-2012 Wizardario
11. Unknown Cache GC3CVP1 Back to the Beginning Challenge 23-Jul-2012 proftonks
12. Unknown Cache GC2Z43A Forty Sortie (Challenge Cache) 9-Aug-2012 Allo Vera
13. Unknown Cache GC2XRTH Blockbuster-Stylee Bingo(ish) Challenge 11-Aug-2012 RubyShoos
14. Unknown Cache GC2W66G Trackables Challenge No. 2 100 Discovered/Moved 11-Aug-2012 BluePunch
15. Unknown Cache GC3BM4D 2012 Olympic 400 Metres Challenge Cache 11-Aug-2012 jazzyjessups
16. Unknown Cache GC3AE9G 8 icon challenge ( 2012 ) 12-Aug-2012 Prosniper
17. Unknown Cache GC3XD0V Collecting Counties Challenge - Unknown 10 16-Dec-2012 hofficoffi
18. Unknown Cache GC3WYV3 Find a cache placed the day you started challenge 1-Jan-2013 AmayaTom
19. Unknown Cache GC3NGAH An Elementary Challenge Cache 4-Jan-2013 Shirty Demon
20. Unknown Cache GC45CJ3 Challenge Cache - BRONZE SILVER GOLD 18-Feb-2013 The Lion Man


Here are my 20 qualifying Earth caches:

    Cache Found Owner
1. Earth Cache GC1X3ET Devils Punchbowl 13-Sep-2009 Mogwai Liz
2. Earth Cache GC1YRMN Wookey Hole 20-Dec-2009 The Magna Defender
3. Earth Cache GC1M17G Seaside Rock should be stripy! (Hunstanton Cliffs) 27-Aug-2010 adsandco
4. Earth Cache GC1ANET The riddle of the stones 25-Oct-2010 keehotee
5. Earth Cache GC2H3XA The South Downs 14-Jan-2012 Al 7365
6. Earth Cache GC13MAH Kirtlington Quarry 22-Jul-2012 The Phillimore Clan
7. Earth Cache GC2P8KC Selborne Hanger and the Zig-Zag Path 28-Apr-2013 qrang
8. Earth Cache GC1JVD7 MSWJR - Jurassic Railway 12-Jan-2014 Wimpyt2560
9. Earth Cache GC1W07M Astonishing Ashdown 1-Apr-2014 TurnerTribe
10. Earth Cache GCQV4Y Lockeridge Dene Earthcache 1-Apr-2014 Gowenhouse
11. Earth Cache GC2EB0E Cherhill and the White Horse 1-Apr-2014 jwddixon
12. Earth Cache GC16PVH Box Quarry (Cotswold Stone), Wiltshire 1-Apr-2014 The Wombles
13. Earth Cache GC4RM5T Box Rock Circus 1-Apr-2014 JurassicEdie
14. Earth Cache GC4JYT3 How the earth was made 6-Aug-2014 phantom cyclist
15. Earth Cache GC1RK35 Beachy Head Earth Cache 12-Aug-2014 The Long Man Trackers
16. Earth Cache GC48WRN Seven Sisters View Earthcache 14-Sep-2014 Nicodaemus
17. Earth Cache GC14Z0E Leigh Delamere Quarry 21-Sep-2014 Lydford Locators
18. Earth Cache GC1J9E7 The Mimmshall Mystery 11-Oct-2014 Sinclair of Rosslyn
19. Earth Cache GC27W7E Helical Ridges 16-Oct-2014 Loony Londo
20. Earth Cache GC4YXXF Entrance of history - D_Leslie_A #4 16-Oct-2014 D Leslie A


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