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GC5DCQE Unknown cacheBS101: Challenge Variety Pack Challenge

Find challenges with 15 of the 18 possible D and T ratings. These must have at least 6 different COs.

Here is my list comprising all 18 of the possible D and T ratings, with 9 different COs

Rating   Cache Found Cache Owner
D1.0/T1.0 Unknown Cache GC5FZ8B 4 WTF Challenge Cache 11-Sep-2015 jazzyjessups
D1.5/T1.5 Unknown Cache GC2W5E1 Trackables Challenge No. 1 50 Moved/Discovered 11-Aug-2012 BluePunch
D2.0/T2.0 Unknown Cache GC42ART Challenge Cache - Icon Collecting 19-Aug-2013 metal-bijou
D2.5/T2.5 Unknown Cache GC3YKPR A Duo of Twos Challenge 18-Feb-2013 RubyShoos
D3.0/T3.5 Unknown Cache GC3DR19 30 in a Day Challenge (with a triple twist) 14-Apr-2014 ivymill
D4.0/T3.0 Unknown Cache GC4NFQR It's All Elementary (Challenge Cache) (F59) 02-Apr-2015 Fudgeman
D3.5/T4.0 Unknown Cache GC47B7C It's All About The Numbers Challenge 26-Jul-2014 KnightFamily1980
D4.5/T4.5 Unknown Cache GC2Z43A Forty Sortie (Challenge Cache) 09-Aug-2012 Allo Vera adopted by RichieCactus
D5.0/T5.0 Unknown Cache GC254H4 A Year, Lost! - 365 days of caching! - Challenge 01-Jun-2013 Mario McTavish


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Last revised: August 21, 2016.