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GC58017 Unknown cacheThe Loadsamoney Bonus Challenge Cache - Pony Up

Find caches with "Bonus" in their title. The combined total of their D/T ratings must be at least 25.

Here are my qualifying caches (which have a D/T total of 30.5):

  Cache Found Rating
Multi-cache GC1GH9Z Something in the Wey Bonus 11-Aug-2009 D2.0/T2.0
Letterbox Hybrid GC26KKX BBC26 (Letterbox - Series Bonus) 6-Apr-2012 D3.0/T1.5
Unknown Cache GC3MEBH Green 12 (Bonus) - Sussex Olympic Rings 1-Aug-2012 D5.0/T1.5
Unknown Cache GC3HWVZ Red 13 Bonus - Sussex Olympic Rings 1-Aug-2012 D2.0/T1.5
Unknown Cache GC2RT29 Hermit Puzzle Bonus 16-Feb-2013 D3.5/T2.0
Unknown Cache GC45WCR Planets Bonus: Tardis 18-Feb-2013 D4.0/T2.5


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Last revised: August 22, 2016.