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GC5640B Unknown cacheEngland World Cup Winners Challenge

Find 11 caches that contain a surname from the 22 man England squad from the 1966 World Cup.

Here are my qualifying caches:

  Name   Cache Found
1. Ball Unknown Cache GCZWCC X Marks the Spot XI: Bouncing balls? 20-Feb-2010
2. Charlton Traditional GC1FYXA JaceyB's Charlton Charleston #1 12-Apr-2015
3. Cohen Unknown Cache GC33T0R Jesel Cohen 11-Sep-2011
4. Eastham Unknown Cache GC1J359 Easthampstead, a Brief History 20-Jul-2011
5. Flowers Unknown Cache GC1JBC0 Find the Flowers 08-Apr-2011
6. Hunt Unknown Cache GC1GVRR Neolithic and Bronze Age Hunt 25-Oct-2010
7. Hunter Unknown Cache GC4NHHQ The Souvenir Hunters Challenge 02-Apr-2015
8. Hurst Unknown Cache GC2Y1FT Sandhurst Parklife #5 - The Premiership 27-Oct-2011
9. Peters Unknown Cache GC4B31K Petersfield Picture Puzzle 18-May-2013
10. Stiles Unknown Cache GC2RHNX Between the stiles 05-Jun-2015
11. Wilson Traditional GC2WPYB Wilsons Red 19-Apr-2015


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Last revised: August 22, 2016.