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GC53YET Unknown cacheThe 21 Character Challenge

Find 21 caches. There must be one with a 1 character name, two with 2 character names, and so on up to six with 6 character names.

Here are my qualifying caches:

1. Unknown CacheGC444KZ & 4-Sep-2013
2. Unknown CacheGC347WX DD 17-Sep-2011
  Unknown CacheGC2MNHF UV 22-Jan-2011
3. Unknown CacheGC2VQY5 F13 18-Jun-2011
  Unknown CacheGC3154F TBs 30-May-2012
  Unknown CacheGC3R7JA Try 21-Apr-2013
4. Unknown CacheGC4N39T Home 14-Sep-2013
  Unknown CacheGC4GVKD Lump 30-Aug-2013
  Unknown CacheGC2QEJ6 Silk 14-Sep-2011
  Unknown CacheGC3GKHX XXXX 10-Apr-2012
5. Unknown CacheGC4YNJE Aries 22-Feb-2014
  Unknown CacheGC3RB5W Bump! 26-Jan-2013
  Unknown CacheGC2P2TM Elite 5-Nov-2011
  Unknown CacheGC33YXF Ouch? 17-Nov-2012
  Unknown CacheGC16RVB Tracy 9-Aug-2009
6. Unknown CacheGC35VQJ Avatar 14-Oct-2011
  Unknown CacheGC3A0FV Bitzer 3-Jan-2012
  Unknown CacheGC3J3P7 blank? 17-Feb-2014
  Unknown CacheGC452WT brooms 24-Mar-2013
  Unknown CacheGC2C24P Canaan 3-Oct-2010
  Unknown CacheGC1EETA Julius 27-Sep-2009


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