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GC4NJVX Unknown cacheThe Rainbow Challenge

Find seven caches each with a different colour of the rainbow in their cache name.

Here are my qualifying caches:

  Cache Found
Red Multi-cache GC3GT3NRed Phone Box #40 - Headley 16-Feb-2013
Orange Traditional Cache GC29G5B 3 Hampshire Milk Round (Orange Juice) 1-Jun-2010
Yellow Unknown Cache GC3JADCYellow 08 - Sussex Olympic Rings 1-Aug-2012
Green GC3RDX5 International Geocaching Day Goose Green Flash-Mob 18-Aug-2012
Blue Traditional Cache GC31DZ8 Blue Egg 8-Mar-2013
Indigo GC56E7 The London Rainbow Cache 6 - Indigo 12-Jul-2013
Violet GC56E9 The London Rainbow Cache 7 - Violet 12-Jul-2013


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Last revised: August 22, 2016.