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GC4NFQR Unknown cacheAn Its All Elementary (Challenge Cache) (F59)

Find 110 caches with GC codes that contain different chemical symbols.

Fortunately there is a GSAK macro that you can run to do this. When I ran that on my finds it gave the following results (showing that I'd found 114 of the 118 symbols).


Periodic Table Code Challenge Caches Found -> 02/04/2015 20:00:14   

Periodic TableCodeCache NameDate Found
HGCMCHFNot so mouthy2010-08-05
HEGC2HEERMicro Madness2011-01-03
71GC2Q71QProsniper's Cryptex Quest ( Stage 4 of 4 )2011-05-10
BEGCBE3The Queens Oak2010-08-12
BGCVYBTEnough to send you: to sleep / mad / out caching*2013-04-06
CGCQX2ZPowler's Piece Puzzle2011-07-31
NGC3MNAYArboreal: An Assiduous Cacher Challenge2014-08-11
0GC4MJK0Checkpoint Charlie2014-07-23
FGC2MTQFUniversity Departments University Library2011-06-11
NAGC197NALook Vulnerable2014-02-17
MGGC1MGB8Meal Drop In2010-07-29
A7GC5A7GPTrack a Tiger2014-09-15
51GC51TC2The BBT No. 42014-08-22
PGC3RC5PGregarious: An Assiduous Cacher Challenge2012-08-11
5GC3E5ZQDead Centre2012-06-05
C7GC3C7JETonyDev's Leap Day Challenge2012-03-03
ARGC42ARTChallenge Cache - Icon Collecting2013-08-19
KGC1RCKXIt Begins At The Artists Gate2010-12-21
CAGCA87CUtah MOVING Cache #12014-10-07
5CGC45CCYe Ole Survey Monuments-Rickling2012-01-28
T1GC2KT1MFamous Surrey Residents #12010-12-31
VGC3HVYJGaydon Guidance2013-05-23
CRGCRT7MI-4 & US 27 TB (Travel Bug) Hotel Cache2009-04-11
MNGC3MNBJCorrespondent: An Assiduous Cacher Challenge2012-08-11
FEGC3FEJV_A_A_A_A_ - Famous Berkshire Resident?2012-07-24
C0GC3C0H58-) The Lesser Date Challenge2012-02-12
N1GC1N11CDie Welt der Musicals2014-07-24
CVGCVPTDTraffic Dodging2009-08-20
ZNGC4A3ZNThe Meaning of Life (?) Minus Fifteen2013-04-21
GAGC1RGAFFarnham Ramble Extended #3 - Moor Park Farm2010-04-11
GEGC2CDGEFIG 102014-09-28
A5GC24A5FThe 5 Treasures of Durga : Commencement2010-03-01
5EGC5E4ECatastrophe, Calamity, Cataclysm Part 42009-08-29
BRGC2ZCBREleven Plus Two2011-07-05
KRGC3B3KRSurrey Mid-Week Event #272012-02-23
RBGC21XRBLook Under the Weather Puzzle Circuit 3:82014-02-17
YGC13Y2YLego - einer ist zuviel2014-07-21
ZRGC2MZR2Mirrored #22011-05-28
NBGC3MNBYEthereal: An Assiduous Cacher Challenge2012-08-11
M0GC2M061Good Writing2011-04-21
TCGC38TC5MrCryptic's Bumper Fun Christmas Puzzle2012-01-11
RVGC42PRVDistinguished Residents of Buckinghamshire #22013-02-09
RHGC15RHNBeckington Loopy2009-08-17
PDGC3PDW5VICE #2 - S Ka Go2013-07-20
AGGC1AGHKDora's cross with Warren (Ewshot view)2009-08-27
CDGC2KXCDFollow You Follow Me2011-01-02
1NGC1NY8QFarnham Ramble Rally #8 The Long Walk2009-05-28
5NGC25NZ0Church Micro #1095... Puttenham St Johns2010-03-28
5BGC1J5BWW.W.S.W. 42009-08-22
TEGC51TEFThe BBT No. 102014-08-22
1GC1BCT4Basingstoke Canal goes batty2009-07-06
XEGC2NXEHBasically Triangles2011-03-05
C5GC5A0BH7 Souvenirs of August - Gates to a Mythical World!2014-08-16
BAGC22BAA"Goodbye my Sarah Jane"2011-05-26
7AGC29G7A10 Hampshire Milk Round (Double Cream)2010-06-01
CEGC320CEFIG 32014-09-28
PRGC1PRVDLook Sharp 92014-05-19
NDGC46ND0BS64: A Cache A Day - MARCH - Mini Challenge2013-12-16
PMGC33PM5James and Robert's Good Idea2011-09-09
5MGC25M6VThe Year of the Dog2013-11-14
EVGC2EVT8Pete's Puzzle 3 - Boxa Races2010-09-11
TBGC2TB94R&N Mystery Tour #9 - Surrounded2013-10-28
DYGC2KJDYChristmas Party Games2011-01-03
H0GC3HJH0Bookmark Cache 3 - Reigate Library2012-04-23
ERGC1ERQ8Surrey School Days 5: Like Father Like Son2010-09-04
TMGC5ATM7L Mystery 101 (Triplets)2014-08-24
YBGC4Z8YBTeynham 10 Puzzle 32014-04-15
7VGC4X7V2Nelson's Column2014-10-16
WGCYW0EGet to the root of the problem2014-02-17
REGC21XRELook Cute Puzzle Circuit 3:52014-02-17
05GC23X05The 5 Treasures of Durga: Clandon Hall2010-03-21
PTGCPTGZThe Third Alternative2011-06-04
AVGC5AV2A3 Mystery 101 (In control of everything)2014-08-24
HGGC1V1HGMoles SOS Lest We Forget (Tonbridge)2010-09-11
T7GC2T73NOctothorpe #3: Glyphs and Logograms2013-08-16
PBGC1PBVKLeonardo da Vinci?2011-12-05
B1GC1B1XHLook West F&Ws Puzzle Cache Circuit 2:62014-02-17
P0GC2CP0A14 Hampshire Post Round (2nd Class)2011-05-01
ATGC316ATNot Elvis2013-12-16
RNGC48WRNSeven Sisters View Earthcache2014-09-14
FRGC33FRRWhat Shall I call it?2011-10-15
RAGCRAFJDo your homework !2014-05-31
PAGC2PAB0What's in a name - GAME THEORY2011-06-16
VGC1MVG6Eyes Open2009-11-14
NPGC39NP2A weeny verse2012-01-06
PVGC16PVHBox Quarry (Cotswold Stone), Wiltshire2014-04-01
AMGC1GAM1Oh Come On, Play Fair!2011-10-12
CMGCMRKTCastle Bottom2013-04-19
BKGC4ZBK0Five Guys Went To Moe's2014-07-29
CFGCF981Le Roi Arthur2010-04-07
E5GC14E5CCD #2: Polybius Point2009-10-24
FMGC2MFM3Famous Berkshire Residents #62011-08-16
MDGC1EJMDBench Mark Flush Bracket 110352012-07-22
N0GC1N008Rugby Union 3 - World Champions2009-09-20
7RGC1Z7RQNorfolk Haunts -Ringstead Colours2010-08-23
DBGC2KDBWIf, on a Winter's Night2011-09-17
5GGC2G5GVChurch Micro 1422 (Mystery Location)2012-01-10
BHGC4VWBH#8: Lady Friday The Keys to the Kingdom2014-01-04
H5GC43H5NShurlock Stroll #52014-04-18
MTGC1MTCQJeckyll and Hydon2009-08-15
D5GC1TD51An Annoying Red Flag2009-06-08
RGGC1RGCXFarnham Ramble Extended #31 Which Way to Dover?2010-08-01
CNGCNDZYPotty's Hat Box2009-05-10
VVT--Not Found
F7GC200F7Michelmersh Mystery Meander #132010-06-13
VVP--Not Found
7VGC27VZ5The Old Mill2010-05-06
VV5--Not Found
VV0--Not Found
Total Periodic Table Codes Found 114