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GC4H12K Unknown cacheChallenge Cache - Challenges are my Forte: Silver

Find 10 challenges. Five of them must be D4.5 or D5.

Here is my list of challenges - all ten are D5.

Rating   Cache Found
D5.0/T1.5 Unknown Cache GC1K9PZ Surrey Icon Challenge 11-Oct-2009
D5.0/T2.5 Unknown Cache GC3C0H5 8-) The Lesser Date Challenge 12-Feb-2012
D5.0/T2.0 Unknown Cache GC38FK4 #8 Wizardario's Challenge - !@#$%^&*()? 06-May-2012
D5.0/T2.5 Unknown Cache GC45CJ5 Challenge Cache - BRONZE SILVER GOLD 18-Feb-2013
D5.0/T2.5 Unknown Cache GC3DBR7 366 Challenge 05-May-2013
D5.0/T5.0 Unknown Cache GC254H4 A Year, Lost! - 365 days of caching! - Challenge 01-Jun-2013
D5.0/T2.0 Unknown Cache GC4B6RT 3 Corners T/D grid Challenge 01-Jun-2013
D5.0/T2.5 Unknown Cache GC4N4BF 10 Challenges in a Day Challenge 14-Sep-2013
D5.0/T2.0 Unknown Cache GC38X8Y The "Half-Jasmer" Challenge! 02-Aug-2014
D5.0/T4.0 Unknown Cache GC2TVP8 M25 Junction 3 Challenge Cache: "Pay back time" 11-Aug-2014


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