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GC42W59 Unknown cacheAll About a Challenge #1 : The Series

Find six caches from each of six NUMBERED series. For the series to count they must have caches set by at least two different owners.

These are my qualifying caches:

Series   Cache Owner Found
Famous Berkshire Residents Unknown Cache GC2GV81 Famous Berkshire Residents #1 (Wokingham) AmayaTom 26-Nov-2010
  Unknown Cache GC2JFP4 Famous Berkshire Residents #2 AmayaTom 24-Nov-2010
  Unknown Cache GC2K46X Famous Berkshire Residents #3 Number six 28-Jun-2011
  Unknown Cache GC2KG3H Famous Berkshire Residents #4 - Tearaway AmayaTom 29-Jun-2011
  Unknown Cache GC2MFM3 Famous Berkshire Residents #6 Number six 16-Aug-2011
  Unknown Cache GC30QE8 Famous Berkshire Residents #9 - A little seedy AmayaTom 26-Jul-2011
Surrey School Days Unknown Cache GC114JX Surrey School Days 1: But what's his name? tjapukai 11-Oct-2009
  Unknown Cache GC11VMP Surrey School Days 2: Start here Woking Wonders 31-May-2009
  Unknown Cache GC1EJAY Surrey School Days 4: Best Efforts Woking Wonders 12-Apr-2010
  Unknown Cache GC1ERQ8 Surrey School Days 5: Like Father Like Son Woking Wonders 4-Sep-2010
  Unknown Cache GC1G21Q Surrey School Days 6: WW2 Remembers Woking Wonders 1-Jun-2011
  Unknown Cache GC1HM0N Surrey School Days 7: Pippa's Girls Woking Wonders 26-Jun-2012
Church Micros Multi-cache GC1TG5F Church Micro 585...Guildford St. Nicolas Woking Wonders 11-Jun-2009
  Multi-cache GC24PWC Church Micro 1036...St Martha’s BaSHful 21-Mar-2010
  Multi-cache GC27Q8T Church Micro 1096... Seale – St Laurence Kitey 1-May-2010
  Unknown Cache GC2DQYW Church Micro 1320...Compton - Watts Chapel Woking Wonders 5-Sep-2010
  Unknown Cache GC2G5GV Church Micro 1422 (Mystery Location) iamafatturkey 10-Jan-2012
  Unknown Cache GC34GNV Church Micro 2113…Winkfield Row Number six 26-Feb-2012
Cricket Pitch Micros Traditional Cache GC2CD6A Cricket Pitch Micro #1 Chiddingfold Al 7365 31-Jul-2010
  Traditional Cache GC2CEBE Cricket Pitch Micro #2 Dunsfold Al 7365 31-Jul-2010
  Traditional Cache GC2C2X0 Cricket Pitch Micro #4 Busbridge Prosniper 31-Jul-2010
  Traditional Cache GC2C2XA Cricket Pitch Micro #11 Hambledon Prosniper 31-Jul-2010
  Traditional Cache GC2CB9C Cricket Pitch Micro #14 Wonersh Prosniper 1-Aug-2010
  Traditional Cache GC2CV6X Cricket Pitch Micro #18 Tilford theguestfamily 6-Aug-2010
'X' Marks The Spot Unknown Cache GCZTX6 'X' Marks The Spot IX - Village’s Sharp Man? Brambler 13-Jun-2009
  Unknown Cache GCW3YZ 'X' Marks The Spot IV - Migrant Genius? Nanny Ogg 27-Sep-2009
  Unknown Cache GCZWCC 'X' Marks the Spot XI: Bouncing balls? tjapukai 20-Feb-2010
  Unknown Cache GCT0FF 'X' Marks The Spot purple pineapple 28-Mar-2010
  Unknown Cache GCVC29 ’X’ Marks The Spot II – Nanny’s Revenge Nanny Ogg 6-Apr-2013
  Unknown Cache GC11PJP X Marks the Spot XII: Pioneer and Designator Ian Too (now SuperDred) 25-May-2013
Surrey Arts Unknown Cache GC1DR7G Surrey Arts - 3 Woking Wonders 12-Sep-2009
  Unknown Cache GC12ABB Surrey Arts - 2 Woking Wonders 18-Jul-2010
  Unknown Cache GC39QMB Surrey Arts - 5 Fab4Leader 25-Feb-2010
  Unknown Cache GC477M2 Surrey Arts - 6 IceColdUK 15-Mar-2013
  Unknown Cache GC48A3T Surrey Arts - 8 =Andy R 7-Apr-2013
  Unknown Cache GC1G2FE Surrey Arts - 4 Woking Wonders 13-May-2013


Here is an example of a set of mine that doesn't qualify. It's a valid series: it's numbered and has caches set by different people. However I have only found caches by theguestfamily and the nearest Red Phone Box by another owner is fifty miles away in Kent.

Series   Cache Owner Found
Red Phone Boxes Traditional Cache GC3G8AB Red Phone Box #32 - Tilford theguestfamily 16-Feb-2013
  Traditional Cache GC3GP6V Red Phone Box #35 - Rushmoor theguestfamily 16-Feb-2013
  Multi-cache GC3GT3N Red Phone Box #40 - Headley theguestfamily 16-Feb-2013
  Traditional Cache GC3KEXM Red Phone Box #42 - Frensham theguestfamily 16-Feb-2013
  Multi-cache GC3GQJM Red Phone Box #36 - Castle Street, Farnham theguestfamily 2-Mar-2013
  Traditional Cache GC3GT3E Red Phone Box #38 - Milford Rd, Elstead theguestfamily 6-Mar-2013


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