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GC42AQK Unknown cacheChallenge Cache - Christmas Vocabulary

Find 12 caches with a Christmassy word in their title. The full list of allowed words is given on the cache page.

Here are my qualifying caches :

  Cache Found
Angel GC1EH6N Angel of Music 20 Jun 2009
Bells GC1PKNG Farnham Ramble Rally #21 - Tubular Bells 6 Jun 2009
Box GC10JRK Box Hill Fort 14 Aug 2010
Camel Unknown Cache GC2BG8B In memory of a camel 12 Jul 2010
Christian GC2PQQJ Church Micro 1683...Dorking-Christian Science 28 Jul 2012
Christmas Unknown Cache GC398P2 Christmas Quiz 27 Dec 2011
Church Unknown Cache GC198XM Church Micro 105...Guildford Cathedral 30 Sep 2009
Festive Unknown Cache GC39K33 JAGS Festive Cache 7 Oct 2012
Gold Unknown Cache GC2P48A Good as Gold 25 Feb 2011
Goose GC3RDX5 International Geocaching Day Goose Green Flash-Mob 18 Aug 2012
Kiss Unknown Cache GCZJTG Kiss My (Irish) Behind! 19 Sep 2009
Lists Unknown Cache GC2KGTK L is for Lists 26 Dec 2010


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Last revised: August 24, 2016.