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GC3XD0V Unknown cacheCollecting Counties Challenge - Unknown 10

Find Unknown cache caches in ten different counties.

Here are my qualifying caches:

Berkshire GC22TRT Condor 15-Jan-10
Surrey GC2DY5K Killer #5: Burned Alive 11-Sep-10
Kent GC2ETJ2 Pete's Puzzle 2 11-Sep-10
East Sussex GC3CZKR CSB 57 76 11-Sep-10
Wiltshire GC2NQY3 1b0 118 19-Feb-11
Hampshire GC2PJ70 Sonnet Mashup 02-Mar-11
West Sussex GC2V5W2 The Grand Old Duke of York 07-May-11
London GC3CX3M Shake it 25-Feb-12
Bucks GC3CZKR Challenge cache - Do You Know Other Cachers 26-Feb-12
Somerset GCW7PP There are Warnings of Gales......... 04-Aug-11

All apart from the last of these was also an FTF.


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Last revised: August 24, 2016.