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GC3N8X3 Unknown cache Unknown ABC Challenge

Find 26 Unknown cache caches starting with each of the letters A-Z

These are my qualifying caches:

A Unknown CacheGC1ZF66 A mega-puzzle of many parts (found 6 Dec 2009)
B Unknown CacheGC1JFMW Buckle (found 1 Apr 2011)
C Unknown CacheGC2C24P Canaan (found 3 Dec 2010)
D Unknown CacheGCTGBY Dorking by Pictures: Go West Young Man (found 25 Oct 2009)
E Unknown CacheGC1K7KX Energy Balls (found 31 Nov 2011)
F Unknown CacheGC200JH Four letter words (found 30 Dec 2010)
G Unknown CacheGC221P9 Groaners (found 8 Aug 2010)
H Unknown CacheGC1D7F3 Hooked on Caching (UK) (found 13 Sep 2009)
I Unknown CacheGC31GPK I (found 16 Nov 2011)
J Unknown CacheGC1EETA Julius (found 27 Sep 2009)
K Unknown CacheGCZJTG Kiss My (Irish) Behind! (found 19 Sep 2009)
L Unknown CacheGC2KGTK L is for Lists (found 26 Dec 2010)
M Unknown CacheGC2994Y Mirror Mirror (found 31 May 2010)
N Unknown CacheGC332V6 No! No! (found 30 Aug 2011)
O Unknown CacheGC1YYHB Order from chaos (found 16 Jan 2010)
P Unknown CacheGC1Q5C9 Patience (found 8 Jan 2011)
Q Unknown CacheGC1HGHK Quiet Please! (found 23 May 2010)
R Unknown CacheGC2HNYQ Raindrops keep fallin' on my head (found 31 Jan 2011)
S Unknown CacheGC2ZAR0 Six Tables (found 31 Mar 2012)
T Unknown CacheGC2WQ29 Terminus (found 10 Apr 2012)
U Unknown CacheGC20ZCY Ultimate Natural Resource (found 22 Nov 2009)
V Unknown CacheGC1YHKQ Virgin Atlantic (found 22 Sep 2009)
W Unknown CacheGC1CAPD Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler? (found 30 Oct 2011)
X Unknown CacheGC3GKHX XXXX (found 10 Apr 2012)
Y Unknown CacheGC175WQ You've Got Mail (found 26 Feb 2011)
Z Unknown CacheGC2KQ9V Zillertal (found 25 Jan 2011)


Copyright Colin Backhurst.
Last revised: August 24, 2016.