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GC3MN9P Unknown cacheMultifarious: An Assiduous Cacher Challenge

Find caches by 7 different cache owners in a day.

Here are my qualifying caches (I found 8):

Simply Paul GC32000 Geolympix Banbury Cross Webcam-Flash Flash-Mob (found 22-Jul-2012)
thehoomer GC13D9E Kirtlington Quarry 2 (found 22-Jul-2012)
Mad H@ter GC13MAH Kirtlington Quarry (found 22-Jul-2012)
metal-bijou GC3KNJW Kirtli-3-Go (found 22-Jul-2012)
JollyJax GC3D6J8 The Leap Year Club (found 22-Jul-2012)
Go catch GC2HTN6 HurRAY, let's LOGG it!! (found 22-Jul-2012)
podysseus GC2TEHX The 39 Steps (found 22-Jul-2012)
2202 GCHXGP University Challenge 5 (munch munch) (found 22-Jul-2012)


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