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GC3CTCJ Unknown cacheHard Puzzle Challenge

Find three puzzle caches, one 3* or 3.5* difficulty, one 4* or 4.5* difficulty and one 5* difficulty. They must all be puzzles (not challenges or bonus caches) and must be set by different cache owners. They must be found on the same day of the week (but only one per day).

The caches must be found AFTER the publication date of this challenge (18 Feb 2012), and for the harder puzzles (the 4* and 5*) they must have been published BEFORE that date.

These are my qualifying caches which were all found on a Sunday:

Difficulty   Cache Published Owner Found
3.5 Unknown Cache GC2RFKK Puzzling... 4 Apr 2011 KnightFamily1980 31 Mar 2013
4.0 Unknown Cache GC1AMFD Eloise 28 Mar 2008 Ian Too 15 Apr 2012
5.0 Unknown Cache GC4C35 Cuckoo Cache (could be anywhere) 12 Apr 2002 The Wombles 22 Jul 2012


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