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GC3CC4C Unknown cacheChurch Micro 50k Challenge

Within two weeks find Church Micros with numbers that add to at least 50000. Note that you can't use church micros that you've used for another KnightFamily1980 challenge.

Here are my qualifying caches- they add up to 51130:

  Cache Found
Multi-Cache GC6CKMQ Church Micro 9210...Okehampton 20-May-2016
Multi-Cache GC49ZMJ Church Micro 3564...Devoran 21-May-2016
Traditional Cache GC4QX9D Church Micro 4415...Eversley 29-May-2016
Multi-Cache GC1ZTR1 Church Micro 921...All Souls, Hartfordbridge 29-May-2016
Multi-Cache GC4XBG9 Church Micro 4927...Ashford - St Hilda 30-May-2016
Multi-Cache GC4X03E Church Micro 4926...Ashford - Congregational 30-May-2016
Multi-Cache GC4XK6Q Church Micro 4928...Ashford - St Michael 30-May-2016
Multi-Cache GC503JA Church Micro 4929...Ashford - Methodist 30-May-2016
Unknown Cache GC3AG53 Church Micro 2364...Ashford-St. Matthew's 30-May-2016
Multi-Cache GC1G70G Church Micro #851...Hale - St John's 31-May-2016
Traditional Cache GC5KE77 Church Micro 7157...Guildford - Bethel Chapel 01-Jun-2016
Multi-Cache GC43J67 Church Micro 2938...Dorking-Friends meeting house 02-Jun-2016


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Last revised: August 21, 2016.