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GC37YX3 Unknown cacheChurch Micro Icon Challenge

Find church micros worth 21 CM points in a day. The different icons score varying amounts: trad=1, multi=3, puzzle=4, wherigo=6, letterbox=7, earth=8. Note that you can't use church micros that you've used for another KnightFamily1980 challenge.

Here are my qualifying caches:

  Cache Found CM points
Multi-Cache GC4YZZ7 Church Micro 5313...Theale - Holy Trinity 05-Dec-2015 3
Multi-Cache GC3QYEP Church Micro 2886...Upper Basildon 05-Dec-2015 3
Multi-Cache GC5BYYV Church Micro 6305...Lower Basildon 05-Dec-2015 3
Multi-Cache GC52CM3 Church Micro 5590...Goring-on-Thames - St Thomas 05-Dec-2015 3
Letterbox Hybrid GC61GTA Church Micro 8219...Goring Free Church 05-Dec-2015 7
Multi-Cache GC63E62 Church Micro 8404...Woodcote - St Leonards 05-Dec-2015 3


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