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GC2XRTH Unknown cacheBlockbuster-Stylee Bingo(ish) Challenge

Complete a line across the Blockbuster Grid either side-to-side or top-to-bottom. You have to sign-up for the challenge and only caches found after that date count. I started on 15-Oct-2011.

A1: Cycle to find five caches (challenge completed 5-Apr-2012)

Over Easter we cycled around the Binfield Bicycle Circuit and found 25 caches

GC26KHM BBC1 5-Apr-2012
GC26KJ6 BBC2 5-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC391VD BBC3 (Offset Cache) 5-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC26KJ9 BBC4 (Offset Cache) 5-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC391VM BBC5 (Offset Cache) 5-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC26KJE BBC6 (Offset Cache) 5-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC391VQ BBC7 (Offset Cache) 5-Apr-2012
GC26KJN BBC8 (Letterbox - Offset Cache) 5-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC391VV BBC9 (Offset Cache) 5-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC391W4 BBC10 (Offset Cache) 5-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC26KJR BBC11 (Offset Cache) 5-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC391WE BBC12 (Offset Cache) 5-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC26KJX BBC13 (Offset Cache) 5-Apr-2012
GC391WJ BBC14 (Letterbox - Offset Cache) 5-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC26KK6 BBC15 (Offset Cache) 6-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC391WV BBC16 (Offset Cache) 6-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC391WZ BBC18 (Offset Cache) 6-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC391X4 BBC19 (Offset Cache) 6-Apr-2012
GC26KKF BBC20 (Letterbox - Offset Cache) 6-Apr-2012
GC391X8 BBC21 (Letterbox - Offset Cache) 6-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC26KKN BBC22 (Offset Cache) 6-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC391XD BBC23 (Offset Cache) 6-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC26KKR BBC24 (Offset Cache) 6-Apr-2012
Unknown cacheGC391XJ BBC25 (Offset Cache) 6-Apr-2012
GC26KKX BBC26 (Letterbox - Series Bonus) 6-Apr-2012


B1: Log finds for three multi caches in a day (challenge completed 30-Oct-2011)

Here are my qualifying caches

GC1PDD0 Farnham Ramble Rally #18 – John Steinbeck 30-Oct-2012
GC1PEKX Farnham Ramble Rally #19 – Waterfalls 30-Oct-2012
GC1PQMP Farnham Ramble Rally #30 – A Toads Best Friend 30-Oct-2012


C1: Find and log a night cache (challenge completed 31-Oct-2011)

Qualifying cache:

Unknown cacheGC36EXM Fright Night - The Glowing Trail (view log)


D1: Post a log of more than 250 words on the Geocaching website (challenge completed 30-Oct-2011)

View qualifying log


C2: Log finds for two virtual caches (challenge completed 22-Jul-2012)

Here are my qualifying caches:

GC45CC Ye Olde Survey Monuments - Kettlebury Hill 28-Jan-2012
GCHXGP University Challenge 5 (munch munch) 22-Jul-2012


D2: Find caches by ten different cache owners (challenge completed 29-Oct-2011)

Here are my qualifying caches:

WizardsMum Unknown cacheGC33FRR What Shall I call it? 15-Oct-2011
BaSHful Unknown cacheGC2PQMM 1.0 Terrain Challenge 17-Oct-2011
Uncle E Unknown cacheGC30TV4 V 18-Oct-2011
Natterjacktoad Unknown cacheGC2KEBD Puzzle Key 20-Oct-2011
RichieCactus Unknown cacheGC32K3D Intense Happiness 21-Oct-2011
SuperDred Unknown cacheGC34MB5 Fictionalised 0.5: Lingua Anquietas 22-Oct-2011
4everlasting Unknown cacheGC2Y1FT Sandhurst Parklife #5 - The Premiership 27-Oct-2011
Kitey Unknown cacheGC364R9 The Challenge Cache Challenge : Brass 28-Oct-2011
bobknot Unknown cacheGC31RRW Sweet Cache o' Mine 29-Oct-2011
Flookfinders Unknown cacheGC351XG Horsham Samurai 29-Oct-2011


E2: Log a find for an underground cache (completed 30-Oct-2011)

Qualifying cache:

Unknown cache GC1CAPD Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler? (view log)


A3: Log two Earthcaches (challenge completed 22-Jul-2012)

Here are my qualifying caches:

GC2H3XA The South Downs 14-Jan-2012
GC13MAH Kirtlington Quarry 22-Jul-2012


B3: Attend three caching events (challenge completed 23-Feb-2012)

Here are my qualifying caches:

GC2Z038 Surrey Mid-Week Meet #25 24-Nov-2011
GC36D4F Broxhead Working Party CITO 10-Dec-2011
GC3B3KR Surrey Mid-Week Event #27 23-Feb-2012


C3: Move ten trackables (challenge completed 3-Jan-2012)

Here are the ten trackables:

GL85HH09 TransAtlantic Tryster 22-Oct-2011
TB414KH Première Etoile 29-Oct-2011
TB3BJ68 Hoppsi, der Hüpfer 30-Oct-2011
TB11ANM Zack for Zac 31-Oct-2011
TB2K2Y1 Memories 5-Nov-2011
TB2X8G2 Anubi # 7 11-Nov-2011
TB3MT5K Partysmurf 28-Nov-2011
TB1XMH2 TedandDawnie's Swag Bus Geocoin 14-Dec-2011
TB3BD23 Michelangelo Turtle 31-Dec-2011
TB2HGJW Mollyjak's - Lucky Stonehenge Geocoin 3-Jan-2012


D3: Log more than 30 finds in a day (challenge completed 1-Aug-2011)

I qualified by finding 40 caches in the Forty Sortie


A4: Log five QTFs (challenge completed 31-Oct-2011)

Here are my qualifying caches:

  Found Published
Unknown cacheGC31RRW Sweet Cache o' Mine 29-Oct-2011 29-Oct-2011
GC36NYF 7 billion people 30-Oct-2011 30-Oct-2011
GC36GYD Fright Night - The Body Farm 31-Oct-2011 31-Oct-2011
Unknown cacheGC36EXM Fright Night - The Glowing Trail 31-Oct-2011 30-Oct-2011
GC36GY1 Fright Night - Brain Power 31-Oct-2011 31-Oct-2011


B4: Find ten caches by the same CO (challenge completed 21-Jan-2012)

I found ten caches by Natterjacktoad:

Unknown cacheGC2KEBD Puzzle Key 20-Oct-2011
Unknown cacheGC36H0W Fright Night - Enchanted 31-Oct-2011
GC36GYD Fright Night - The Body Farm 31-Oct-2011
Unknown cacheGC36EXM Fright Night - The Glowing Trail 31-Oct-2011
GC36GYT Fright Night - Ariadne's Cave 31-Oct-2011
Unknown cacheGC36GYZ Fright Night - Flying Beasts 31-Oct-2011
GC36GY1 Fright Night - Brain Power 31-Oct-2011
Unknown cacheGC39BY2 Men of Silver 24-Dec-2011
Unknown cacheGC3B11Y Tiles Two 18-Jan-2012
Unknown cacheGC39MRG Natterjacktoad's New Year Co-operative Cache 21-Jan-2012


D4: Log a webcam cache (challenge completed 22-Jul-2012)

Qualifying cache:

GCR3TR Banbury Cross WebCam (view log)


E4: Walk more than 5 kilometres to a (single) cache (challenge completed 14-Nov-2011)

Hard to prove this one but here are two qualifying caches:

Unknown cacheGCK1WP Swinley Forest Rail Fence 14-Nov-2011
Unknown cacheGC35NPN About time! 13-May-2012


C5: Complete a 5 star cache (challenge completed 12-Feb-2012)

Qualifying cache (D=5, T=2.5)

Unknown cacheGC3C0H5 8-) The Lesser Date Challenge (view log)


E5: Log four different types of cache in a day (challenge completed 22-Jul-2012)

I qualified by finding 11 in 11 hours at the Geolympix


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