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GC2VT8W Unknown cacheSophie's Geocaching Challenge

Complete a line of your D/T grid using caches that you found after the day that Sophie was born (30 Mar 2011).

Here are my qualifying caches - I've completed the 1.5 terrain line:

T=1.5 D=1.0 GC26KKF BBC20 (Letterbox - Offset Cache) (found 6 Apr 2012)
D=1.5 GC1PDD0 Farnham Ramble Rally #18 – John Steinbeck (found 30 Oct 2011)
D=2.0 Unknown Cache GC3AVN0 How to recognise different trees from ... (found 15 Jan 2012)
D=2.5 Unknown Cache GC332V6 No! No! (found 30 Aug 2011)
D=3.0 Unknown Cache GC2Y81X Composing by Numbers #4 - Jargon Generator (found 15 Jun 2011)
D=3.5 Unknown Cache GC39BY2 Men of Silver (found 24 Dec 2011)
D=4.0 Unknown Cache GC2V5W2 The Grand Old Duke of York (found 7 May 2011)
D=4.5 Unknown Cache GC2J648 East Cage (found 11 Jun 2011)
D=5.0 Unknown Cache GC38FJ2 Wizardario's Challenge #3 Alphanumeric Cache Name (found 6 May 2012)


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