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GC2JQNW Unknown cacheI Challenge You to Play...... CACHEBUSTERS!

Complete a line across the CacheBusters grid from left to right, with finds starting from when you sign up for the challenge. I signed up on 17-Aug-2012.

DNF the same cache more than 3 times GC5A5F5 Dark Season found on my 5th attempt on 27-Sep-2014
Climb for a cache GC42A46 Sweet Colossus on 01-Jun-2013
Find a trad, a multi, & a mystery cache in 24 hours GC241W7 A272 TravelBug and Geocoin Hotel (log),
  GC453VR Church Micro 1416...Woolbeding (log), and
  GC4GNQZ The Omen (log), all on 30-May-2015
Find a cache underground GC11WMT Top Gear - Fun Ford Lads! on 25-May-2015
Have an encounter with the long arm of the law GC5A5EF Enton Flash Mob 20-Aug-2014
Stung by nettles GC37FKK Church Micro 2249...South Harting - Congregational 30-May-2015
Go caching at night GC4599M Pink Black Hog's Back 6-Feb-2013


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