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GC1QBQN Unknown cache Gridlocked - Capital Style

Complete a line on your D/T grid.

These are my qualifying caches (I qualified for this twice-over by completing the T=1.5 and T=2.0 lines):

T=1.5 D=1.0 Unknown CacheGC1E54G The Mystery of the Trouserless Cacher (found 9 Aug 2010)
D=1.5 Unknown CacheGC21QMN My last puzzle (not) (found 21 Feb 2010)
D=2.0 Unknown CacheGC2062J The Last Greek (found 8 Nov 2009)
D=2.5 Unknown CacheGC1K24Q 007 to Russia (found 31 Oct 2009)
D=3.0 Unknown CacheGC1DR7G Surrey Arts - 3 (found 12 Sep 2009)
D=3.5 Unknown CacheGC114JX Surrey School Days 1: But what's his name? (found 11 Oct 2009)
D=4.0 Unknown CacheGC2106W Die Traumdeutung (found 15 May 2010)
D=4.5 Unknown CacheGCYQFW Terse Puzzle 7: Gottlieb translated (found 16 Oct 2010)
D=5.0 Unknown CacheGC1ZF66 A mega-puzzle of many parts (found 6 Dec 2009)
T=2.0 D=1.0 Unknown CacheGC1Y6RF I Have a Cunning Plan! (found 7 Sep 2009)
D=1.5 Unknown CacheGC2P124 20th February #2 (found 20 Feb 2011)
D=2.0 Unknown CacheGC1HFQ7 Downtown Hollywood (found 9 Jun 2009)
D=2.5 Unknown CacheGC2AV5A Ke Nako (found 14 Jul 2010)
D=3.0 Unknown CacheGC28QR6 The Pewley Brothers (found 23 May 2010)
D=3.5 Unknown CacheGC2C24P Canaan (found 3 Oct 2010)
D=4.0 Unknown CacheGC1EETA Julius (found 27 Sep 2009)
D=4.5 Unknown CacheGC2429E Killer #4: Hung, Drawn and Quartered (found 20 Feb 2010)
D=5.0 Unknown CacheGCTGBY Dorking by Pictures: Go West Young Man (found 25 Oct 2009)


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Last revised: August 25, 2016.